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Gene Knockdown Simplified

Self-delivering FANA Oligos for Gene Silencing

No transfection reagents needed

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To make ordering of FANA oligos simple and easy we have provided very common FAQs.

  1. What is “Experiment Purpose”? Depending upon the design, FANA oligos can serve different applications. Just choose your desired experiment purpose and we will design the appropriate FANA oligo.
  2. Do I need to Design FANA oligos? Do not worry about designing FANA oligos. Based on your inputs, we will use our expertise to make the best FANA oligo(s) for you (for any target). Just provide us the name of the species and Target ID (Gene ID, Official Symbol, Accession Number etc.).
  3. How much FANA do I need? Please see our protocol or product section to evaluate how much you need for your experiment.
  4. Can I label FANA oligos? Yes. If you want FANA oligos to be fluorescently labeled at 5′ end or 3′ end please reach out to customer care and we will be able to help.
  5. Can I order multiple FANA oligos? Yes.

  6. How many FANA oligos do I need per RNA target? We recommend ordering 4 FANA oligos per target.

  7. Optional – If you already have an oligo sequence that you want in FANA format, please reach out to customer care and we will be able to help.