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Guaranteed Knockdown For RNA Silencing and Regulation Studies

Advantages of FANA for RNA Silencing and Regulation Studies

  • Gymnotic (Self) delivery: Uptake of the FANA oligos without a delivery agent. No transfection reagent, formulation, conjugate or viral vector transduction needed for delivery.

  • Excellent uptake of FANAs in primary cells and difficult to transfect cell lines (T- cells, B-cells, neurons, endothelial cells, and others)

  • Ideal for in vivo applications (no formulation, conjugate or viral vector needed for delivery).

  • Ideal for mouse, insect, fish, and amphibian models (no formulation, conjugate or viral vector needed for delivery).

  • Non-toxic toxic and do no cause cell death in cells culture and in vivo, thus eliminating the need to expand the number of cells.

  • Resistant to degradation by serum and cellular nucleases significantly improves duration of activity. FANA oligos do not degrade (up to several weeks/months)

  • Long term sustained silencing (can be used as an alternative to generating stable cell lines)

  • Low non-specific protein binding decreases toxicity.

  • Does not alter the biology of cells and the experimental outcome (as is the case of transfection and delivery reagents)

  • Ability to bind to RNA target with high affinity and specificity.

  • No RISC associated off target effects (as is the case of siRNAs).

  • Effective in low concentrations due high bioavailability.

  • Excellent experimental reproducibility.

  • Saves significant time and resources.

  • Easy to use and Cost effective.

  • Super easy to use (very convenient).

  • Cost efficient.

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