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AUM<i>silence</i> vs shRNA

AUMsilence V+ Oligos

AUMsilence V+ for viral RNA Silencing, Target Discovery, Functional Genomics, and Therapeutic Development

AUMsilence V+ is a next generation genetic research tool for viral research ultimately leading to viral therapy development. AUMsilence V+ can be used for screening, identification, and discovery of genetic targets. Our approach also allows high throughput and fast functional genomics studies and thus potentially reducing the time for development of therapeutics for viral infections. It provides potent viral RNA knockdown by using AUMsilence V+ ASOs and is designed to degrade or sterically block viral RNA. AUMsilence V+ ASO platform offers high sequence specificity, high stability and allows potent self-delivery into cellular and animals models without the need of transfection reagents or formulations.

AUMsilence V+ : Key features

  • High specificity and affinity for viral RNA

  • Self-delivery without the need of transfection regents

  • Excellent uptake in difficult-to-transfect cells and primary cell cultures

  • No toxicity

  • High stability and resistance to endonucleases

AUMsilence V+ ASOs vs. siRNA
Not Required Transfection Reagents Required
High Efficiency in difficult-to-transfet cells Low-Moderate
Non-toxic Toxicity Can be toxic due to the use of transfection reagents
Yes Can be used in vivo models Require extensive optimization and use of delivery reagents
Highly resistant to nucleases Stability Moderate
No RISC-associated off-target effects Yes
AUMsilence V+ ASOs have high binding affinity and specificity to the target RNA Specificity siRNA grade binding affinity and specificity

AUMsilence V+ oligos are chemically modified with enhanced intracellular stability of the oligos, high target specificity as well as high binding affinity to the target viral RNA. The AUMsilence V+ oligos can be self-delivered into cells (in vitro and in vivo) without any transfection reagents or formulations. AUMsilence V+ ASOs can be self-delviered to primary cells, particularly immune cells, hematopoietic cells and neurons. AUMsilence V+ ASOs provide high specificty and stability.

Viral RNA Target Discovery Workflow Using AUMsilence V+

AUMsilence V+ can be used for target screening, identification, and functional genomics analysis. (A-C) above provides a schematic workflow on how AUMsilence V+ ASOs offers a fast-track approach for viral gene discovery and therapy development.

Case Studies (AUMsilence V+ Targeting HIV RNA)

Self-delivery of AUMsilence V+ in human PBMCs and T lymphoblasts.

Flow cytometric analysis after 4 hour incubation with fluorescently labeled AUMsilence V+ ASO showed that primary human peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) and T lymphoblasts were able to efficiently take up AUMsilence V+ ASOs without the use of transfection reagents or formulations. Adapted from Takahashi et al. 2019.

AUMsilence V+ can be used to knockdown viral RNA and inhibit viral replication.

ASOs targeting a key viral RNA target, achieving potent knockdown, and showing inhibition of viral replication (measured by p24 levels). Adapted from Takahashi et al. 2019.

Product information:

Product Name Purification Application Study model
AUMsilence V+ RPC viral RNA knockdown Cells lines and primary cells
AUMsilence V+ HPLC viral RNA knockdown Sensitive primary cells and animal models
AUMsilence V+ In-vivo ready viral RNA knockdown Animal models
  • Labeled AUMsilence V+: AUMsilence V+ ASOs can be labeled with any fluorescent label or tag (eg. biotin).

  • Size: AUMsilence V+ ASOs are available in 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500, and 1000 nmoles. Higher amounts are also available.