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AUMsaver Antisense Oligos (ASOs)

AUMsaver Antisense oligonucleotides (ASOs) for mRNA, miRNA, lncRNA knockdown and regulation

AUMsaver ASOs provides potent RNA knockdown by using next-generation RNA silencing technology. AUMsaver ASOs can be used to target mRNA, microRNA, or long-coding RNAs with little to no off-target effects. AUMsaver ASOs will save both time and money and at the same time provide the best in class RNA silencing efficacy and potency. AUMsaver ASOs, designed using next-generation chemical modifications are a cost effective way for gene silencing studies.

AUMsaver ASO: Key features

  • Can be used for mRNA, miRNA or lncRNA knockdown

  • High potency

  • High stability

  • High sequence specificity

  • High resistance to endonucleases

AUMsaver ASO vs. siRNA
High Potency Low-Moderate
Non-toxic Toxicity Can be toxic
Resistant to degradation by serum and cellular nucleases Stability Moderate stability
None RISC-associated off-target effects Yes
Proprietary technology allows very high specificity for the target RNA Specificity siRNA grade specificity

AUMsaver ASOs can be used to efficiently silence or regulate different RNA modalities, such as messenger RNA, microRNA, and long non-coding RNA. In addition AUMsaver ASOs can be designed to act a ssteric blockers withour elicitng RNase-H mediated degradation. AUMsaver ASOs provide potent knockdown of the target RNA with high sequence specificity.

Comparison of AUMsaver ASO and siRNA mode of action

As opposed to the RNAi pathway (involving RISC) AUMsaver single-stranded antisense oligonucleotides use RNase H-mediated cleavage (Fig.1). This mode of mRNA knockdown is simpler than siRNA mediated knockdown and eliminates RISC-associated offtarget effects often observed with siRNA. Unlike siRNAs that are processed in the cytoplasm, AUMsaver oligos can go into the nucleus and can be used to target RNA present within the nucleus.

Case Studies

QRT-PCR analysis of c-MYB expression at 96 hours in K562 cells.

QRT-PCR assay perfomed on RNA isolated from K562 cells transfected with ASOs and PBS control. Data presented as a function of c-MYB mRNA relative to GAPDH mRNA. Adapted from Kalota et al. Nucleic Acids Research.

Knockdown of yylncT lncRNA by AUMsaver ASO in human embryonic stem cells.

AUMsaver ASO mediated depletion of the target transcript led to a significant decrease in early mesoderm markers, suggesting that yylncT is a mediator of the mesoderm fate of human embryonic stem cells. Adapted from Frank et al. Cell Stem Cell.

Ordering information:

Product Purification Application Study model
AUMsaver mRNA RPC, HPLC mRNA knockdown Cells lines and primary cells
AUMsaver antagomir RPC, HPLC microRNA inhibition Cells lines and primary cells
AUMsaver lncRNA RPC, HPLC lncRNA knockdown Cells lines and primary cells
  • Labeled AUMsaver: ASOs can be labeled with any fluorescent label or tag (eg. biotin).

  • Size: AUMsaver ASOs are available in 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, and 250 nmoles. Higher amounts are also available.

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