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Why FANA antisense oligonucleotides?

14/9/2019 10:19:51 AM

As we approach the next decade of Translational and Precision Medicine, the number of gene therapy treatments is increasing at an unprecedented rate. Never before have we seen the ongoing development of such a high number of precise and targeted gene therapies to benefit millions of individuals currently living with genetic diseases.

Need of Research Tools for Gene Therapy:

We are very much living in the Era of Translational and Precision Medicine. As the dire need for effective and precise therapeutic solutions arise, we are also in a dire need for efficient and precise research tools. Through emphasis of basic and pre-clinical research, we can develop and improve current technologies to advance development of new gene therapies.

FANA offer Research Tools for Gene Therapy:

FANA Antisense Oligonucleotides (ASOs) serve to provide researchers and scientists working in pre-clinical and clinical settings an extremely robust and versatile research tool. As the field of therapeutic RNA regulation advances by the minute, FANA ASOs serve to save scientists and researchers valuable time and resources, specifically with gene screening and target validation studies. Researchers working in translational and precision medicine are excellent candidates to utilize FANA ASO Technology.

Traditional RNAi and CRISPR techniques to regulate gene expression often take weeks to months to plan, design, generate constructs, and optimize. FANA ASOs allow the researchers to save this valuable time, by offering robust knockdown in a 1-3 day protocol. FANA ASOs are a valuable gene knockdown research tool and can help researchers save time and resources.

FANA in Gene Knockdown:

Additionally, utilizing FANA ASOs is as easy as adding cream to coffee. Through self delivery, FANA ASOs are able to enter the cell gymnotically, or without the use of any toxic transfection reagents. Not only does this minimize any potential toxicity, this also simplifies and expedites the experiment. Through ease of use, FANAs are able to be efficiently utilized by any researcher working with gene knockdown and/or gene therapy.

Further, as FANA ASOs utilize RNase H mediated based target cleavage, the specificity is improved, and bypasses any RNAi/CRISPR related off-target effects, including non target specificity and genome instability. FANAs are emerging as a novel gene knockdown research tool.

As the next generation of precision and translational medicine develops, AUM BioTech will continue to provide researchers and scientists next-generational research tools. AUM BioTech is fully committed to supporting and advancing the future of precision and translational medicine, for the ultimate goal of advancing gene therapy options for millions of individuals living with genetic diseases.